Enigmatic Flowers Ikebana

First ceremony is enigmatic flowers
Each petal
Is indigo

Secret Teas and Spices O Cha

Second ceremony is secret teas and spices
Wind and memories
White rituals

Forbidden Incense Kodo

Third ceremony is forbidden incense
Playing with your mind
Black sacred gestures


Finding your heart’s desire
Our full range of fragrances


Floraïku is a fragrant world
Incenses, tea, candles
Could enchant your home

Holiday Gifts

A unique way to offer poetry
Enchant your world
With Floraïku gifts

Our story

FLORAÏKU IS BORN TODAY There was a day When the Asian sophistication and excellence Struck us Its purity, its subtlety, Its deep roots and extactic gestures Moved us We knew something new A different fragrant story Could enchant the world It felt like a thunderstroke Enlighting As sudden as love Luxury is rediscovered With a touch Of poetic rêverie Together...


Cinéhaïku, 30 seconds poetry, In 3 sudden flashes.

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