Ikebana Ceremony - Enigmatic Flowers

First ceremony is enigmatic flowers
Each petal
Is indigo

O Cha Ceremony - Secret Teas and Spices

Second ceremony is secret teas and spices
Wind and memories
White rituals

Kodo Ceremony - Forbidden Incense

Third ceremony is forbidden incense
Playing with your mind
Black sacred gestures



Finding your heart’s desire
Our full range of fragrances


Floraïku is a fragrant world
Incenses, tea, candles
Could enchant your home


A unique way to offer poetry
Enchant your world
With Foraïku gifts

Our story

FLORAÏKU IS BORN TODAY There was a day When the Asian sophistication and excellence Struck us Its purity, its subtlety, Its deep roots and extactic gestures Moved us We knew something new A different fragrant story Could enchant the world It felt like a thunderstroke Enlighting As sudden as love Luxury is rediscovered With a touch Of poetic rêverie Together...


Cinéhaïku, 30 seconds poetry, In 3 sudden flashes.

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